Friday, April 07, 2006

United 93

Every day when I arrive at my office I start by reading the news. Some days I spend over an hour engrossed in what's going on in the world and on all the blogs I read (though comparably, my blog roll is pretty short…). Sometimes, I read a story that just merits a blog post, that I can't wait to write (other days, the link ends up in a document and may never get written about…) Today was one of those days.

The Slate is probably my favorite web-zine. I read most of it every. Today, one of the "headline" stories caught my eye:
Should the trailer for United 93 be banned? consists of a conversation about the trailer for a new movie concerning the events of 9/11. In the article, we see several Slate writers discussing this trailer. The trailer is incredible. It makes me want to go see the movie. But it also makes me wonder if America is ready for such a movie. It also begs the question of whether I'm ready for such a movie. Like many people I remember exactly where I was when I found out about the attacks. I remember the questions and thoughts that went through my head, but even more vivid then that is the numbness I felt in the time following the events of 9/11. I think its that memory of numbness that makes me ready for such a movie. I think I'm ready to see what happened that day, to immerse myself in the flood of emotions the events themselves should have evoked but didn't partly because I was living states away and partly because of my own political discontentment.

I think the US is ready for such and movie and shouldn't shy away from it even if its hard. Hopefully, the movie will allow us to look back on the events and learn the lessons that we should of learned but didn't, or maybe it will be like what the authors of the article suggest and provide us some closure for the events because it gives us a chance to see the hero's emerge in ways we could never fathom.


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