Friday, June 02, 2006

Blog goal

So, I have decided this month I am going to update my blog every week day all month. I'm pretty bad about blogging/ journaling and I'm hoping this goal will force me to think about my blog as a place that I can talk about stuff (even though my readership is tiny...)

Now, I suppose it doesn't count for this to be all I blog today. So, here is a little about what I'm reading.

I've been feeling a little lonely lately, since summer started and too many people have disappeared (or are going to disappear). One thing that I used to do to deal with sitting home and doing nothing is read. My first summer away at an internship I read like 20 books in 13 weeks. That's when I started my library ;-) I used to love coming home from work, making dinner (it was low carb back then) and then having tea or hot cocoa and reading while listening to some John Williams on my stereo. As my social schedule grew more hectic, my reading fell to the wayside, so the following summer not much reading got done. And then I went to grad school and, like high school, I had to do so much reading during the day it didn't feel relaxing at night... Anyway... Last night I decided I was going to start reading again. I picked up a book I've had for a little while called Sammy's Hill, a funny little book by none other then Al Gore's Daughter Kristen Gore who as written episodes of both Futurama and The Simpsons. Its pretty much chick lit (at least according to SAF... She was surprised when I bought it a while back>, but its a fun read. Then, in the mail today, came a new book that I'm going to have to give some time to called How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth which will hopefully be fun and informational for the novice that I am so you can expect to hear more about that.

Well, now to fulfill my other summer goal: DDR everyday, unless I mow the lawn!


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