Thursday, July 06, 2006

What if you had...?

While on a long car ride I often have really good conversations either on the phone (if I have no passengers) or with my passengers. Well, my boyfriend and I were on a long car ride to go visit my family for the holiday weekend and we had some really great conversations.

One of my favorite things to do is to ask "What if you had ...?" type questions. You know, like the one high school guidance counselors ask to determine what you should do when you "grow up." My boyfriend is really fun to play this game with because he seems to have a suprisingly good handle on what he wants to do with his life. (He'll argue with me when he sees this, but oh well)

Anyway, the question of the weekend drive was an especially good one. I asked my boyfriend "If you had the the gift of healing with a single touch, what would your clinic be like?" We determined that I would run a free clinic attached to an organization that would help support the clinic and my financial needs and he would charge a small fee (to support the clinic and himself) but would never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Anyway, we kept talking about the question because it was particularly intersting. I pointed out that like the "if you had a million dollars" question, it still gets to the heart of how we should live our lives.

Each one of us is given gifts, whether its the ability to speak charismatically and prophetically or teach Computer Science or to heal with a single touch. No ability is greater then the others so our answers to "if you had the gift of ... " should not change when you replace "healing with a single touch" with your gifts.

So, on these lines I pondered "what is my free clinic?" I'm really gifted in computer stuff so my free clinc might be teaching computers skills to people who are unemployed so that they can add that skill to their resumes or perhaps volunteering at or starting something like Intel's Computer Clubhouse or even working with young girls and teaching them how cool computer science is. I'm excited to get out there and start my free clinic, but first I need to finish developing my skills so I can be effective!