Monday, June 12, 2006

Poke The Bishop

Sorry that I have already fallen short of my goal. I hope this week I can keep up with it.

I was at annual conference this weekend for my church. It was... interesting and there will probably be several subsequent posts about it, because I really left an impression on me (though not an entirely good one). Anyway, in order to keep ourselves entertained some friends and I created a new game, called "Poke the Bishop." Essentially, its a game in which you get points for poking the bishop, either physically or verbally. Scoring is as follows:

  • 1 point for verbally poking the bishop
  • 5 points for actually poking the bishop
  • +2 points if you say poke while poking the bishop
  • +1 points if you get a picture while poking the bishop

This point system can, naturally, be adjusted to suit your needs. Oh, and you lose points if you poke the bishop during a worship service :-)

Anyway, hopefully you can also use this game to entertain yourself during conference. Pay attention to what is said on the conference score because people can play without even knowing it ;-)

The winner of our game won with 4 points :-)


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