Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, so I didn't update 5 days a week for the month of June, and I'm not crazy enough to promise it for the month of July either. I've really never been good at blogging, but alas.

Many of my previous posts have been about religion, which seems to be on my mind a lot more lately then ever before. I think its because I have a community of faith that nurtures my struggles more then ever (Thanks guys, you rock!). But this isn't going to be one of those posts.

Lately, work has been tough. The summer time is very different now that I'm a grad student versus being an undergrad. When I was an undergrad I spent my summers working real full time jobs. I had 4 summer internships, 1 at a museum and then other 3 at a major tech company. I loved my jobs. Sometimes looking back on them, I wonder what I'm doing here in grad school. The one thing that makes me do that more then ever is the ridiculously flexible schedule that I've established for myself. Most people would love to have the flexibility I have with when I work and where, but I'm finding that I spend to much time not taking my job seriously. My advisor wants me to prelim sometime in the fall semester, so I really need to get stuff done this summer. As a result my lack of motivation is a little nerve wrecking.

Today, I think I found the problem. I've been lacking direction. My research is a mishmash. I mean there are a few very real projects, but each is in a funny stage of not quite knowing what to do next, or how to do it. But this week has been one of breakthroughs and I finally of real stuff I need to do. I'm excited about what the rest of the week holds in a way I haven't been all summer. Hopefully I can keep up with the deluge of work this week is bringing!

Oh, and you should all check out the side bar. A cool feature of Google Reader is that I can add a little thing with my starred posts in it. Now you can figure out what exciting stuff I'm reading :-)


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